Articles | Volume 22, issue 8
Research article
21 Apr 2022
Research article |  | 21 Apr 2022

In situ observation of warm atmospheric layer and the heat contribution of suspended dust over the Tarim Basin

Chenglong Zhou, Yuzhi Liu, Qingzhe Zhu, Qing He, Tianliang Zhao, Fan Yang, Wen Huo, Xinghua Yang, and Ali Mamtimin

Data sets

Climate reanalysis CDS

Climate reanalysis GMAO

CALIPSO LID L1 Standard HDF File – Version 4.10 D. Winker

CALIPSO Lidar Level 2 Vertical Feature Mask Data V4-20 D. Winker

China Meteorological Administration: Surface Observations NMIC

Short summary
Based on the radiosonde observations, an anomalously warm layer is measured at altitudes between 500 and 300 hPa over the Tarim Basin (TB) with an average intensity of 2.53 and 1.39 K in the spring and summer, respectively. The heat contributions of dust to this anomalously warm atmospheric layer in spring and summer were 13.77 and 10.25 %, respectively. Topographically, the TB is adjacent to the Tibetan Plateau; we propose the concept of the Tibetan heat source’s northward extension.
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