Articles | Volume 22, issue 4
Research article
01 Mar 2022
Research article |  | 01 Mar 2022

Variability of nitrogen oxide emission fluxes and lifetimes estimated from Sentinel-5P TROPOMI observations

Kezia Lange, Andreas Richter, and John P. Burrows

Data sets

Sentinel-5P Pre-Operations Data Hub S5P Data Hub

Copernicus Climate Data Store Copernicus

EDGAR v5.0 GlobalAir Pollutant Emissions EDGAR

Environmental Protection Agency’s Continuous Emission Monitoring System EPA CEMS

Short summary
In this study, we investigated short time variability of NOx emissions and lifetimes on a global scale. We combined 2 years of satellite Sentinel-5P TROPOMI tropospheric NO2 column data with wind data. Fifty NOx sources distributed around the world are analyzed. The retrieved emissions show a clear seasonal dependence. NOx lifetime shows a latitudinal dependence but only a week seasonal dependence. NOx emissions show a clear weekly pattern which in contrast is not visible for NOx lifetimes.
Final-revised paper