Articles | Volume 22, issue 23
Research article
13 Dec 2022
Research article |  | 13 Dec 2022

Different physicochemical behaviors of nitrate and ammonium during transport: a case study on Mt. Hua, China

Can Wu, Cong Cao, Jianjun Li, Shaojun Lv, Jin Li, Xiaodi Liu, Si Zhang, Shijie Liu, Fan Zhang, Jingjing Meng, and Gehui Wang

Data sets

Synchronous observation of aerosol at Mt. Hua Can Wu

Short summary
Over the past decade, the relative abundance of NH4NO3 in aerosol has been enhanced in most urban areas of China, which profoundly affects the PM2.5 pollution episodes. Our work finds that fine-particle nitrate and ammonium exhibited distinct, different physicochemical behaviors in the aerosol aging process.
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