Articles | Volume 22, issue 22
Research article
28 Nov 2022
Research article |  | 28 Nov 2022

Intermittency of gravity wave potential energies and absolute momentum fluxes derived from infrared limb sounding satellite observations

Manfred Ern, Peter Preusse, and Martin Riese

Data sets

SABER Level 2A data (version 2) GATS Inc.

The HIRDLS Level 2 product NASA GES DISC

Temperature and Zonal Wind Climatology SPARC

Short summary
Based on data from the HIRDLS and SABER infrared limb sounding satellite instruments, we investigate the intermittency of global distributions of gravity wave (GW) potential energies and GW momentum fluxes in the stratosphere and mesosphere using probability distribution functions (PDFs) and Gini coefficients. We compare GW intermittency in different regions, seasons, and altitudes. These results can help to improve GW parameterizations and the distributions of GWs resolved in models.
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