Articles | Volume 22, issue 20
Research article
24 Oct 2022
Research article |  | 24 Oct 2022

Decay times of atmospheric acoustic–gravity waves after deactivation of wave forcing

Nikolai M. Gavrilov, Sergey P. Kshevetskii, and Andrey V. Koval

Model code and software

Multi-scale atmosphere model from the Earth's surface up to 500 km AtmoSym

Short summary
We make high-resolution simulations of poorly understood decays of nonlinear atmospheric acoustic–gravity waves (AGWs) after deactivations of the wave forcing. The standard deviations of AGW perturbations, after fast dispersions of traveling modes, experience slower exponential decreases. AGW decay times are estimated for the first time and are 20–100 h in the stratosphere and mesosphere. This requires slow, quasi-standing and secondary modes in parameterizations of AGW impacts to be considered.
Final-revised paper