Articles | Volume 22, issue 19
Technical note
11 Oct 2022
Technical note |  | 11 Oct 2022

Technical note: Identification of two ice-nucleating regimes for dust-related cirrus clouds based on the relationship between number concentrations of ice-nucleating particles and ice crystals

Yun He, Zhenping Yin, Fuchao Liu, and Fan Yi

Data sets

MUA PLidar and Sun Photometer Dataset for Dust-related Ice Nucleation Particle Concentration Profile Yun He

Cloud–Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observation data base CALIPSO

Wuhan Radiosonde Data Wuhan Radiosonde

Cloud properties combining the CloudSat radar and the CALIPSO lidar measurment from raDAR/liDAR data base DARDAR

Short summary
A method is proposed to identify the sole presence of heterogeneous nucleation and competition between heterogeneous and homogeneous nucleation for dust-related cirrus clouds by characterizing the relationship between dust ice-nucleating particle concentration calculated from CALIOP using the POLIPHON method and in-cloud ice crystal number concentration from the DARDAR-Nice dataset. Two typical cirrus cases are shown as a demonstration, and the proposed method can be extended to a global scale.
Final-revised paper