Articles | Volume 22, issue 16
Research article
30 Aug 2022
Research article |  | 30 Aug 2022

Impacts of marine organic emissions on low-level stratiform clouds – a large eddy simulator study

Marje Prank, Juha Tonttila, Jaakko Ahola, Harri Kokkola, Thomas Kühn, Sami Romakkaniemi, and Tomi Raatikainen

Data sets

Data and code for the manuscript ``Impacts of marine organic emissions on low level stratiform clouds - a large eddy simulator study'' by Prank et al. M. Prank, J. Tonttila, J. Ahola, H. Kokkola, T. K\"{u}hn, S. Romakkaniemi, and T. Raatikainen

Short summary
Aerosols and clouds persist as the dominant sources of uncertainty in climate projections. In this modelling study, we investigate the role of marine aerosols in influencing the lifetime of low-level clouds. Our high resolution simulations show that sea spray can both extend and shorten the lifetime of the cloud layer depending on the model setup. The impact of the primary marine organics is relatively limited while secondary aerosol from monoterpenes can have larger impact.
Final-revised paper