Articles | Volume 22, issue 15
Research article
10 Aug 2022
Research article |  | 10 Aug 2022

Exploring relations between cloud morphology, cloud phase, and cloud radiative properties in Southern Ocean's stratocumulus clouds

Jessica Danker, Odran Sourdeval, Isabel L. McCoy, Robert Wood, and Anna Possner

Data sets

From CloudSat-CALIPSO to EarthCare: Evolution of the DARDAR cloud classification and its comparison to airborne radar-lidar observations ( M. Ceccaldi, J. Delanoë, R. J. Hogan, N. L. Pounder, A. Protat, and J. Pelon

MODIS Atmosphere L3 Monthly Product, NASA MODIS Adaptive Processing System S. Platnick, P. A. Hubanks, K. G. Meyer, and M. D. King

Short summary
Using spaceborne lidar-radar retrievals, we show that seasonal changes in cloud phase outweigh changes in cloud-phase statistics across cloud morphologies at given cloud-top temperatures. These results show that cloud morphology does not seem to pose a primary constraint on cloud-phase statistics in the Southern Ocean. Meanwhile, larger changes in in-cloud albedo across cloud morphologies are observed in supercooled liquid rather than mixed-phase stratocumuli.
Final-revised paper