Articles | Volume 21, issue 13
Measurement report
02 Jul 2021
Measurement report |  | 02 Jul 2021

Measurement report: The effect of aerosol chemical composition on light scattering due to the hygroscopic swelling effect

Rongmin Ren, Zhanqing Li, Peng Yan, Yuying Wang, Hao Wu, Maureen Cribb, Wei Wang, Xiao'ai Jin, Yanan Li, and Dongmei Zhang

Data sets

A dataset of the comprehensive field experiment for BNU, Beijing, China Rongmin Ren

Short summary
We analyzed the effect of the proportion of components making up the chemical composition of aerosols on f(RH) in southern Beijing in 2019. Nitrate played a more significant role in affecting f(RH) than sulfate. The ratio of the sulfate mass fraction to the nitrate mass fraction (mostly higher than ~ 4) was a sign of the deliquescence of aerosol. A piecewise parameterized scheme was proposed, which could better describe deliquescence and reduce uncertainties in simulating aerosol hygroscopicity.
Final-revised paper