Articles | Volume 21, issue 6
Research article
31 Mar 2021
Research article |  | 31 Mar 2021

Constraints on global aerosol number concentration, SO2 and condensation sink in UKESM1 using ATom measurements

Ananth Ranjithkumar, Hamish Gordon, Christina Williamson, Andrew Rollins, Kirsty Pringle, Agnieszka Kupc, Nathan Luke Abraham, Charles Brock, and Ken Carslaw

Data sets

Model data Ananth Ranjithkumar

ATom: merged atmospheric chemistry, trace gases, and aerosols S. C. Wofsy, S. Afshar, H. M. Allen, E. C. Apel, E. C. Asher, B. Barletta, J. Bent, H. Bian, B. C. Biggs, D. R. Blake, N. Blake, I. Bourgeois, C. A. Brock, W. H. Brune, J. W. Budney, T. P. Bui, A. Butler, P. Campuzano-Jost, C. S. Chang, M. Chin, R. Commane, G. Corr, and L. H. Zeng

Short summary
The effect aerosols have on climate can be better understood by studying their vertical and spatial distribution throughout the atmosphere. We use observation data from the ATom campaign and evaluate the vertical profile of aerosol number concentration, sulfur dioxide and condensation sink using the UKESM (UK Earth System Model). We identify uncertainties in key atmospheric processes that help improve their theoretical representation in global climate models.
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