Articles | Volume 21, issue 21
Research article
12 Nov 2021
Research article |  | 12 Nov 2021

Influence of springtime atmospheric circulation types on the distribution of air pollutants in the Arctic

Manu Anna Thomas, Abhay Devasthale, and Tiina Nygård

Data sets

OMI/Aura NO2 Total and Tropospheric Column Daily L2 Global Gridded 0.25 degree x 0.25 degree V3 Nickolay A. Krotkov, Lok N. Lamsal, Sergey V. Marchenko, Edward A. Celarier, Eric J.Bucsela, William H. Swartz, and Joanna Joiner

AIRS NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Overview of the AIRS Mission: Instruments, Processing Algorithms, Products, and Documentation NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory _Mission.pdf

CAMS global reanalysis (EAC4) Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service\#!/dataset/cams-global-reanalysis-eac4?tab=overvieware

CALIPSO Lidar Level 2 Aerosol Profile, V4-20 NASA Earth Data\_L2\_05KMAPRO-STANDARD-V4-20

The ERA5 global reanalysis (\#!/dataset/reanalysis-era5-single-levels?tab=overview) Hans Hersbach, Bill Bell, Paul Berrisford, Shoji Hirahara, András Horányi, Joaquín Muñoz-Sabater, Julien Nicolas, Carole Peubey, Raluca Radu, Dinand Schepers, Adrian Simmons, Cornel Soci, Saleh Abdalla, Xavier Abellan, Gianpaolo Balsamo, Peter Bechtold, Gionata Biavati, Jean Bidlot, Massimo Bonavita, Giovanna De Chiara, Per Dahlgren, Dick Dee, Michail Diamantakis, Rossana Dragani, Johannes Flemming, Richard Forbes, Manuel Fuentes, Alan Geer, Leo Haimberger, Sean Healy, Robin J. Hogan, Elías Hólm, Marta Janisková, Sarah Keeley, Patrick Laloyaux, Philippe Lopez, Cristina Lupu, Gabor Radnoti, Patricia de Rosnay, Iryna Rozum, Freja Vamborg, Sebastien Villaume, and Jean-Noël Thépaut

Short summary
The impact of transported pollutants and their spatial distribution in the Arctic are governed by the local atmospheric circulation or weather states. Therefore, we investigated eight different atmospheric circulation types observed during the spring season in the Arctic. Using satellite and reanalysis datasets, this study provides a comprehensive assessment of the typical circulation patterns that can lead to enhanced or reduced pollution concentrations in the different sectors of the Arctic.
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