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Measurement report
10 Nov 2021
Measurement report |  | 10 Nov 2021

Measurement report: Regional characteristics of seasonal and long-term variations in greenhouse gases at Nainital, India, and Comilla, Bangladesh

Shohei Nomura, Manish Naja, M. Kawser Ahmed, Hitoshi Mukai, Yukio Terao, Toshinobu Machida, Motoki Sasakawa, and Prabir K. Patra

Data sets

GHGs mole fraction and carbon isotopic ratio at Nainital, India and Comilla, Bangladesh S. Nomura, M. Naja, M. K. Ahmed, H. Mukai, Y. Terao, T. Machida, M. Sasakawa, and P. K. Patra

Short summary
Long-term measurements of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in India and Bangladesh unveiled specific characteristics in their variations in these regions. Plants including rice cultivated in winter and summer strongly affected seasonal variations and levels in CO2 and CH4. Long-term variability of GHGs showed quite different features in their growth rates from those in Mauna Loa. GHG trends in this region seemed to be hardly affected by El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO).
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