Articles | Volume 21, issue 16
Measurement report
16 Aug 2021
Measurement report |  | 16 Aug 2021

Measurement report: Saccharide composition in atmospheric fine particulate matter during spring at the remote sites of southwest China and estimates of source contributions

Zhenzhen Wang, Di Wu, Zhuoyu Li, Xiaona Shang, Qing Li, Xiang Li, Renjie Chen, Haidong Kan, Huiling Ouyang, Xu Tang, and Jianmin Chen

Data sets

Gridded Climate Datasets NOAA: Physical Sciences Laboratory (PSL) of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) https://psl.noaa. gov/data/

HYSPLIT Model ARL (Air Resources Laboratory) of NOAA

Active Fire Data NASA: EARTHDATA of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) https://earthdata.nasa. gov/

Short summary
This study firstly investigates the composition of sugars in the fine fraction of aerosol over three sites in southwest China. The result suggested no significant reduction in biomass burning emissions in southwest Yunnan Province to some extent. The result shown sheds light on the contributions of biomass burning and the characteristics of biogenic saccharides in these regions, which could be further applied to regional source apportionment models and global climate models.
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