Articles | Volume 21, issue 15
Research article
02 Aug 2021
Research article |  | 02 Aug 2021

Decadal changes of connections among late-spring snow cover in West Siberia, summer Eurasia teleconnection and O3-related meteorology in North China

Zhicong Yin, Yu Wan, and Huijun Wang

Data sets

Hourly O3 concentration data Ministry of Environmental Protection of China

Sea ice concentration data Met Office Hadley Centre

Meteorological data MERRA2

Snow cover data Rutgers University

Short summary
Severe ozone pollution frequently occurred in North China and obviously damages human health and ecosystems. The meteorological conditions effectively affect the variations in ozone pollution by modulating the natural emissions of O3 precursors and photochemical reactions in the atmosphere. In this study, the interannual relationship between ozone-related meteorology and late-spring snow cover in West Siberia was explored, and the reasons of its decadal change were also physically explained.
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