Articles | Volume 20, issue 13
Research article
03 Jul 2020
Research article |  | 03 Jul 2020

Radiative forcing of anthropogenic aerosols on cirrus clouds using a hybrid ice nucleation scheme

Jialei Zhu and Joyce E. Penner

Data sets

CESM1.2 Series Public Release CESM


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Short summary
A new ice nucleation scheme is developed to combine the best features of two previous ice nucleation schemes, so that global models are able to calculate the ice number concentration in both updrafts and downdrafts associated with gravity waves, and has a robust sensitivity to the change of aerosol number. The radiative forcing on cirrus clouds due to anthropogenic emissions is estimated to be −0.20 W m−2, while the inclusion of ice nuclei particles from SOA makes it less negative: −0.04 W m−2.
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