Articles | Volume 20, issue 13
Research article
03 Jul 2020
Research article |  | 03 Jul 2020

Improving the Southern Ocean cloud albedo biases in a general circulation model

Vidya Varma, Olaf Morgenstern, Paul Field, Kalli Furtado, Jonny Williams, and Patrick Hyder

Data sets

Model sensitivity runs for Southern Ocean studies V. Varma

Short summary
The present generation of global climate models has an insufficiently reflected short-wave radiation, especially over the Southern Ocean. This leads to an excessive heating of the ocean surface in the model, creating sea surface temperature biases and subsequent problems with atmospheric dynamics. Misrepresentation of clouds could be attributed to this radiation bias; we try to address this issue by slowing the growth rate of ice crystals and improving the supercooled liquid clouds in the model.
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