Articles | Volume 20, issue 3
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 20, 1565–1590, 2020

Special issue: New observations and related modelling studies of the aerosol–cloud–climate...

Atmos. Chem. Phys., 20, 1565–1590, 2020

Research article 07 Feb 2020

Research article | 07 Feb 2020

Above-cloud aerosol optical depth from airborne observations in the southeast Atlantic

Samuel E. LeBlanc et al.

Data sets

Suite of Aerosol, Cloud, and Related Data Acquired Aboard P3 During ORACLES 2016, Version 1 ORACLES Science Team

Model code and software

4STAR_codes: 4STAR processing codes 4STAR Team: S. LeBlanc, C. J. Flynn, Y. Shinozuka, M. Segal-Rozenhaimer, K. Pistone, M. Kacenelenbogen, J. Redemann, B. Schmid, P. Russell, J. Livingston, and Q. Zhang

Short summary
The southeast Atlantic during August–October experiences layers of smoke from biomass burning over marine stratocumulus clouds. Here we present the light attenuation of the smoke and its dependence in the spatial, vertical, and spectral domain through direct measurements from an airborne platform during September 2016. From our observations of this climatically important smoke, we found an average aerosol optical depth of 0.32 at 500 nm, slightly lower than comparative satellite measurements.
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