Articles | Volume 20, issue 19
Research article
07 Oct 2020
Research article |  | 07 Oct 2020

Superposition of gravity waves with different propagation characteristics observed by airborne and space-borne infrared sounders

Isabell Krisch, Manfred Ern, Lars Hoffmann, Peter Preusse, Cornelia Strube, Jörn Ungermann, Wolfgang Woiwode, and Martin Riese

Data sets

2016-01-28\_db\ I. Krisch and J. Ungermann

2016-01-28\_db\ I. Krisch and J. Ungermann

Short summary
In 2016, a scientific research flight above Scandinavia acquired various atmospheric data (temperature, gas composition, etc.). Through advanced 3-D reconstruction methods, a superposition of multiple gravity waves was identified. An in-depth analysis enabled the characterisation of these waves as well as the identification of their sources. This work will enable a better understanding of atmosphere dynamics and could lead to improved climate projections.
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