Articles | Volume 19, issue 14
Research article
19 Jul 2019
Research article |  | 19 Jul 2019

The sensitivity of oceanic precipitation to sea surface temperature

Jörg Burdanowitz, Stefan A. Buehler, Stephan Bakan, and Christian Klepp

Data sets

OceanRAIN data C. Klepp, S. Michel, A. Protat, J. Burdanowitz, N. Albern, V. Louf, S. Bakan, A. Dahl, and T. Thiele

Short summary
Sensitivity of precipitation to sea surface temperature over the ocean determines how precipitation potentially changes in a warming climate. This relationship has hardly been studied over ocean due to a lack of long-term oceanic data. Our study shows how the precipitation sensitivity depends on resolution, what process limits oceanic precipitation and how the event duration depends on temperature. This provides valuable information for future climate observations, modeling and understanding.
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