Articles | Volume 19, issue 7
Research article
16 Apr 2019
Research article |  | 16 Apr 2019

Heterogeneous ice nucleation properties of natural desert dust particles coated with a surrogate of secondary organic aerosol

Zamin A. Kanji, Ryan C. Sullivan, Monika Niemand, Paul J. DeMott, Anthony J. Prenni, Cédric Chou, Harald Saathoff, and Ottmar Möhler

Data sets

Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation Properties of Natural Desert Dust Particles Coated with a Surrogate of Secondary Organic Aerosol, Dataset, doi:1, 2019 Z. A. Kanji, R. C. Sullivan, M. Niemand, P. J. DeMott, A. J. Prenni, C. Chou, H. Saathoff, and O. Möhler

Short summary
The ice nucleation ability of two natural desert dusts coated with a proxy of secondary organic aerosol is presented for temperatures and relative humidity conditions relevant for mixed-phase clouds. We find that at the tested conditions, there is no effect on the ice nucleation ability of the particles due to the organic coating. Furthermore, the two dust samples do not show variability within measurement uncertainty. Particle size and surface area may play a role in any difference observed.
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