Articles | Volume 19, issue 7
Research article
09 Apr 2019
Research article |  | 09 Apr 2019

BVOC–aerosol–climate feedbacks investigated using NorESM

Moa K. Sporre, Sara M. Blichner, Inger H. H. Karset, Risto Makkonen, and Terje K. Berntsen

Data sets

BVOC-aerosol-climate feedbacks – simulation data from NorESM M. K. Sporre

Short summary
In this study, an Earth system model has been used to investigate climate feedbacks associated with increasing BVOC emissions due to higher CO2 concentrations and temperatures. Higher BVOC emissions associated with a changed climate are found to induce an important negative climate feedback through increased aerosol formation and resulting changes in cloud properties. This feedback is found to have the potential to offset about 13 % of the radiative forcing associated with a doubling of CO2.
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