Articles | Volume 19, issue 5
Research article
12 Mar 2019
Research article |  | 12 Mar 2019

Long-term lidar observations of the gravity wave activity near the mesopause at Arecibo

Xianchang Yue, Jonathan S. Friedman, Qihou Zhou, Xiongbin Wu, and Jens Lautenbach

Data sets

Arecibo Potassium [K] lidar experiment Haystack Observatory

Short summary
Using 11 years of lidar temperature data, the seasonal variations (SVs) of gravity waves (GWs) are addressed in the tropical mesopause region, shown to be clearly associated with the SVs of zonal winds reported in the literature. The SVs of GWs are determined by the filtering effect of the local background wind. The altitudes of GW potential energy have a close relation to the upper mesospheric temperature inversion layers (TILs), which provides support for the formation mechanism of TILs.
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