Articles | Volume 19, issue 23
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 19, 14741–14754, 2019

Special issue: The 10th International Carbon Dioxide Conference (ICDC10)...

Atmos. Chem. Phys., 19, 14741–14754, 2019

Research article 09 Dec 2019

Research article | 09 Dec 2019

Variability in a four-network composite of atmospheric CO2 differences between three primary baseline sites

Roger J. Francey et al.

Data sets

CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere GASLAB data October 2018, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation CSIRO

Cold & Warm Episodes by Season, data from Climate Prediction Center, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Dry Air Mole Fractions from the NOAA ESRL Carbon Cycle Cooperative Global Air Sampling Network, 1968-2013 E. J. Dlugokencky, P. M. Lang, K. A. Masarie, A. M. Crotwell, and M. J. Crotwell

Short summary
25-year composites of interhemispheric baseline CO2 differences demonstrate close agreement between 4 monitoring networks. Variability from monthly to multiyear time frames mostly reflects variability in upper troposphere dynamical indices chosen to represent eddy and mean transport interhemispheric exchange. Monthly interhemispheric atmospheric fluxes are much larger than air–surface terrestrial exchanges. The composite differences offer unusual constraints on transport in global carbon models.
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