Articles | Volume 18, issue 8
Research article
02 May 2018
Research article |  | 02 May 2018

The importance of vertical resolution in the free troposphere for modeling intercontinental plumes

Jiawei Zhuang, Daniel J. Jacob, and Sebastian D. Eastham

Model code and software

FV3_util: v0.1.2 J. Zhuang, D. J. Jacob, and S. D. Eastham

cubedsphere: v0.1 J. Zhuang and D. Rothenberg

Quickstart Guide: Idealized finite-volume model Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL)

Short summary
Our work explains why current model simulations are unable to capture the intercontinental influences of pollution plumes that are often observed over some regions like California. Due to inadequate vertical grid resolution in these models, the plumes get diffused too rapidly during intercontinental transport. Increasing the vertical grid resolution greatly improves the simulation of plumes and considerably increases the estimate of local surface pollution influence.
Final-revised paper