Articles | Volume 18, issue 7
Research article
03 Apr 2018
Research article |  | 03 Apr 2018

Effects of convective ice evaporation on interannual variability of tropical tropopause layer water vapor

Hao Ye, Andrew E. Dessler, and Wandi Yu

Data sets

WV-TTL: water vapor mixing ratio from GEOSCCM and trajectory model simulations in tropical tropopause layer H. Ye, A. Dessler, and W. Yu

Convective cloud top height L. Pfister, R. Ueyama, J.-M. Ryoo, P. W. Hillyard, and M. J. Legg

Programs for a recent paper Ye et al., 2018 H. Ye

Short summary
The deep convection in tropics can inject cloud ice into tropical tropopause layer (TTL), which moistens and increases water vapor there. We primarily study the spatial distribution of impacts from several physical processes on TTL water vapor from observations and trajectory model simulations. The analysis shows the potential moistening impact from evaporation of cloud ice on TTL water vapor. A chemistry–climate model is used to confirm the impact from evaporation of convective ice.
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