Articles | Volume 18, issue 17
Research article
12 Sep 2018
Research article |  | 12 Sep 2018

Simulated and observed horizontal inhomogeneities of optical thickness of Arctic stratus

Michael Schäfer, Katharina Loewe, André Ehrlich, Corinna Hoose, and Manfred Wendisch

Data sets

Cloud optical thickness retrieved from horizontal fields of reflected solar spectral radiance measured with AisaEAGLE during VERDI campaign 2012 M. Schäfer, E. Bierwirth, A. Ehrlich, E. Jäkel, F. Werner, and M. Wendisch

Short summary
Airborne observed horizontal fields of cloud optical thickness are compared with semi-idealized large eddy simulations of Arctic stratus. The comparison focuses on horizontal cloud inhomogeneities and directional features of the small-scale cloud structures. Using inhomogeneity parameters and autocorrelation analysis it is investigated, if the observed small-scale cloud inhomogeneities can be represented by the model. Forcings for cloud inhomogeneities are investigated in a sensitivity study.
Final-revised paper