Articles | Volume 18, issue 16
Research article
24 Aug 2018
Research article |  | 24 Aug 2018

Tropospheric sources and sinks of gas-phase acids in the Colorado Front Range

James M. Mattila, Patrick Brophy, Jeffrey Kirkland, Samuel Hall, Kirk Ullmann, Emily V. Fischer, Steve Brown, Erin McDuffie, Alex Tevlin, and Delphine K. Farmer

Data sets

Data Browser for BAO Tower Data D. Welsh, B. Bartram, S. Pezoa, D. Hooper, B. D. Luisi, C. Smith, A. Keane, and D. Wolfe

QC-TILDAS NH3 FRAPPÉ data A. Tevlin and J. Murphy

O3 and NOx FRAPPÉ data E. McDuffie and S. Brown

NO2 photolysis rate FRAPPÉ data K. Ullmann and S. Hall

Acetate CIMS FRAPPÉ data J. Mattila, P. Brophy, J. Kirkland, and D. K. Farmer

Picarro 6401 cavity ringdown spectrometer FRAPPÉ data E. V. Fischer

Short summary
Molecular acids in the atmosphere have implications for human health and air quality. Measurements of various acidic molecules were performed in the Colorado Front Range. Atmospheric concentrations of many acids increased during the day, indicative of sunlight-related production sources. A surface-level source of many acids persisting throughout day and night was observed. Traffic and agricultural activity were important anthropogenic sources of several acids near the measurement site.
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