Articles | Volume 17, issue 10
Research article
19 May 2017
Research article |  | 19 May 2017

New particle formation in the Svalbard region 2006–2015

Jost Heintzenberg, Peter Tunved, Martí Galí, and Caroline Leck

Data sets

Introduction to the European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme (EMEP) and observed atmospheric composition change during 1972­­-2009 ( K. Tørseth, W. Aas, K. Breivik, A. M. Fjæraa, M. Fiebig, A. G. Hjellbrekke, C. Lund Myhre, S. Solberg, and K. E. Yttri

Short summary
Events of new particle formation (NPF) were analyzed objectively in a 10-year data set of hourly particle size distributions recorded on Mt. Zeppelin, Spitsbergen, Svalbard. Three different types of NPF events were identified that were hypothesized to be different expressions of related source processes. Back trajectories and ancillary atmospheric and marine data strongly point to marine biogenic sources causing new particle formation in the summer Arctic.
Final-revised paper