Articles | Volume 10, issue 13
09 Jul 2010
 | 09 Jul 2010

Technical Note: Vapor pressure estimation methods applied to secondary organic aerosol constituents from α-pinene oxidation: an intercomparison study

S. Compernolle, K. Ceulemans, and J.-F. Müller

Abstract. We applied and compared seven vapor pressure estimation methods to the condensable compounds generated in the oxidation of α-pinene, as described by the state-of-the-art mechanism of the BOREAM model Capouet et al., 2008. Several of these methods had to be extended in order to treat functional groups such as hydroperoxides and peroxy acyl nitrates. Large differences in the estimated vapor pressures are reported, which will inevitably lead to large differences in aerosol formation simulations. Cautioning remarks are given for some vapor pressure estimation methods.

Final-revised paper