Articles | Volume 9, issue 14
28 Jul 2009
 | 28 Jul 2009

In-cloud processes of methacrolein under simulated conditions – Part 1: Aqueous phase photooxidation

Yao Liu, I. El Haddad, M. Scarfogliero, L. Nieto-Gligorovski, B. Temime-Roussel, E. Quivet, N. Marchand, B. Picquet-Varrault, and A. Monod

Abstract. The photooxidation of methacrolein was studied in the aqueous phase under simulated cloud droplet conditions. The obtained rate constant of OH-oxidation of methacrolein at 6°C in unbuffered solutions was 5.8(±0.9)×109 M−1 s−1. The measured rate coefficient is consistent with OH-addition on the C=C bond. This was confirmed by the mechanism established on the study of the reaction products (at 25°C in unbuffered solutions) where methylglyoxal, formaldehyde, hydroxyacetone and acetic acid/acetate were the main reaction products. An upper limit for the total carbon yield was estimated to range from 53 to 85%, indicating that some reaction products remain unidentified. A possible source of this mismatch is the formation of higher molecular weight compounds as primary reaction products which are presented in El Haddad et al. (2009) and Michaud et al. (2009).

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