Articles | Volume 9, issue 14
Special issue:
20 Jul 2009
 | 20 Jul 2009

East Asian SO2 pollution plume over Europe – Part 1: Airborne trace gas measurements and source identification by particle dispersion model simulations

V. Fiedler, R. Nau, S. Ludmann, F. Arnold, H. Schlager, and A. Stohl

Cited articles

Stohl, A., Forster, C., Huntrieser, H., Mannstein, H., McMillan, W. W., Petzold, A., Schlager, H., and Weinzierl, B.: Aircraft measurements over Europe of an air pollution plume from Southeast Asia – aerosol and chemical characterization, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 7, 913–937, 2007.
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