Articles | Volume 6, issue 7
08 Jun 2006
08 Jun 2006

Overview of the European project FUMAPEX

A. Baklanov

Abstract. The quality of the urban air pollution forecast critically depends on the mapping of emissions, the urban air pollution models, and the meteorological data. The quality of the meteorological data should be largely enhanced by using downscaled data from advanced numerical weather prediction models. These different topics, as well as the application of population exposure models, have traditionally been treated in distinct scientific communities whose expertise needs to be combined to enhance the possibilities of forecasting air pollution episodes in European cities. For this purpose the EU project "Integrated Systems for Forecasting Urban Meteorology, Air Pollution and Population Exposure'' (FUMAPEX) (, involving 22 organizations from 10 European countries, was initiated. The main objectives of the project are the improvement of meteorological forecasts for urban areas, the connection of numerical weather prediction models to urban air pollution and population exposure models, the building of improved Urban Air Quality Information and Forecasting Systems, and their application in cities in various European climates. This paper overviews the project items and first two-years results, it is an introduction to the whole ACP issue.

Final-revised paper