Articles | Volume 24, issue 8
Research article
29 Apr 2024
Research article |  | 29 Apr 2024

Pyrogenic HONO seen from space: insights from global IASI observations

Bruno Franco, Lieven Clarisse, Nicolas Theys, Juliette Hadji-Lazaro, Cathy Clerbaux, and Pierre Coheur

Data sets

The IASI/Metop pyrogenic HONO product v2 B. Franco et al.

Short summary
Using IASI global infrared measurements, we retrieve nitrous acid (HONO) in fire plumes from space. We detect large enhancements of pyrogenic HONO worldwide, especially from intense wildfires at Northern Hemisphere mid- and high latitudes. Predominance of IASI nighttime over daytime measurements sheds light on HONO's extended lifetime and secondary formation during long-range transport in smoke plumes. Our findings deepen the understanding of atmospheric HONO, crucial for air quality assessment.
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