Articles | Volume 24, issue 2
Research article
31 Jan 2024
Research article |  | 31 Jan 2024

Impact of acidity and surface-modulated acid dissociation on cloud response to organic aerosol

Gargi Sengupta, Minjie Zheng, and Nønne L. Prisle

Data sets

Simulation dataset and plotting scripts used for journal article "Impact of acidity and surface modulated acid dissociation on cloud response to organic aerosol" by Sengupta et al. (2023) Gargi Sengupta et al.

Short summary
The effect of organic acid aerosol on sulfur chemistry and cloud properties was investigated in an atmospheric model. Organic acid dissociation was considered using both bulk and surface-related properties. We found that organic acid dissociation leads to increased hydrogen ion concentrations and sulfate aerosol mass in aqueous aerosols, increasing cloud formation. This could be important in large-scale climate models as many organic aerosol components are both acidic and surface-active.
Final-revised paper