Articles | Volume 23, issue 14
Research article
21 Jul 2023
Research article |  | 21 Jul 2023

Examining cloud vertical structure and radiative effects from satellite retrievals and evaluation of CMIP6 scenarios

Hao Luo, Johannes Quaas, and Yong Han

Data sets

Variable descriptions of the A-Train integrated CALIPSO, CloudSat, CERES, and MODIS merged product (CCCM or C3M) ( S. Kato, S.-H. Ham, W. F. Miller, S. Sun-Mack, F. G. Rose, Y. Chen, and P. E. Mlynczak

The CloudSat radar-lidar geometrical profile product (RL-GeoProf): Updates, improvements, and selected results ( G. G. Mace and Q. Zhang

Overview of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6 (CMIP6) experimental design and organization ( V. Eyring, S. Bony, G. A. Meehl, C. A. Senior, B. Stevens, R. J. Stouffer, and K. E. Taylor

Short summary
Clouds exhibit a wide range of vertical structures with varying microphysical and radiative properties. We show a global survey of spatial distribution, vertical extent and radiative effect of various classified cloud vertical structures using joint satellite observations from the new CCCM datasets during 2007–2010. Moreover, the long-term trends in CVSs are investigated based on different CMIP6 future scenarios to capture the cloud variations with different, increasing anthropogenic forcings.
Final-revised paper