Articles | Volume 23, issue 13
Research article
13 Jul 2023
Research article |  | 13 Jul 2023

Rethinking the role of transport and photochemistry in regional ozone pollution: insights from ozone concentration and mass budgets

Kun Qu, Xuesong Wang, Xuhui Cai, Yu Yan, Xipeng Jin, Mihalis Vrekoussis, Maria Kanakidou, Guy P. Brasseur, Jin Shen, Teng Xiao, Limin Zeng, and Yuanhang Zhang

Data sets

Rethinking the Roles of Transport and Photochemistry in Regional Ozone Pollution: Insights from Ozone Mass and Concentration Budgets Kun Qu, Xuesong Wang, Xuhui Cai, Yuanhang Zhang, Yu Yan, and Xipeng Jin

NCEP FNL Operational Model Global Tropospheric Analyses National Centers for Environmental Prediction, National Weather Service, NOAA, and U.S. Department of Commerce

Model code and software

CMAQv5.0.2 (5.0.2) US EPA Office of Research and Development

A Description of the Advanced Research WRF Version 3 William C. Skamarock, Joseph B. Klemp, Jimy Dudhia, David O. Gill, Dale Barker, Michael G. Duda, Xiang-yu Huang, Wei Wang, and Jordan G. Powers

Short summary
Basic understandings of ozone processes, especially transport and chemistry, are essential to support ozone pollution control, but studies often have different views on their relative importance. We developed a method to quantify their contributions in the ozone mass and concentration budgets based on the WRF-CMAQ model. Results in a polluted region highlight the differences between two budgets. For future studies, two budgets are both needed to fully understand the effects of ozone processes.
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