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Measurement report
30 Jun 2023
Measurement report |  | 30 Jun 2023

Measurement report: Atmospheric aging of combustion-derived particles – impact on stable free radical concentration and its ability to produce reactive oxygen species in aqueous media

Heather L. Runberg and Brian J. Majestic

Data sets

Data Set for "Atmospheric Aging of Combustion-Derived Particles: Impact on Stable Free Radical Concentration and Its Ability to Produce Reactive Oxygen Species in Aqueous Media" Brian Majestic and Heather Runberg

Short summary
Environmentally persistent free radicals (EPFRs) are an emerging pollutant found in soot particles. Understanding how these change as they move through the atmosphere is important to human health. Here, soot was generated in the laboratory and exposed to simulated sunlight. The concentrations and characteristics of EPFRs in the soot were measured and found to be unchanged. However, it was also found that the ability of soot to form hydroxyl radicals was stronger for fresh soot.
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