Articles | Volume 23, issue 12
Measurement report
28 Jun 2023
Measurement report |  | 28 Jun 2023

Measurement report: MAX-DOAS measurements characterise Central London ozone pollution episodes during 2022 heatwaves

Robert G. Ryan, Eloise A. Marais, Eleanor Gershenson-Smith, Robbie Ramsay, Jan-Peter Muller, Jan-Lukas Tirpitz, and Udo Frieß

Data sets

MAX-DOAS retrievals of formaldehyde (HCHO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) vertical profiles over Central London Eloise A. Marais, Robert G. Ryan, Jan-Lukas Tirpitz, Udo Frieß, and Eleanor Gershenson-Smith

UK Air Information Resource (UK AIR) DEFRA

Short summary
We describe the first data retrieval from a newly installed instrument providing measurements of vertical profiles of air pollution over Central London during heatwaves in summer 2022. We use these observations with surface air quality network measurements to support interpretation that an exponential increase in biogenic emissions of isoprene during heatwaves provides the limiting ingredient for severe ozone pollution, leading to non-compliance with the national ozone air quality standard.
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