Articles | Volume 23, issue 12
Research article
27 Jun 2023
Research article |  | 27 Jun 2023

Global nitrogen and sulfur deposition mapping using a measurement–model fusion approach

Hannah J. Rubin, Joshua S. Fu, Frank Dentener, Rui Li, Kan Huang, and Hongbo Fu

Data sets

Environment and Climate Change Canada Data: CAPMoN observations Government of Canada

CAM-chem: description and evaluation of interactive atmospheric chemistry in the Community Earth System Model J.-F. Lamarque, L. K. Emmons, P. G. Hess, D. E. Kinnison, S. Tilmes, F. Vitt, C. L. Heald, E. A. Holland, P. H. Lauritzen, J. Neu, J. J. Orlando, P. J. Rasch, and G. K. Tyndall

Wet deposition of inorganic ions in 320 cities across China: spatio-temporal variation, source apportionment, and dominant factors R. Li, L. Cui, Y. Zhao, Z. Zhang, T. Sun, J. Li, W. Zhou, Y. Meng, K. Huang, and H. Fu

AIRMoN observations: AIRMoN Data National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP)

Multi-model study of HTAP II on sulfur and nitrogen deposition J. Tan, J. S. Fu, F. Dentener, J. Sun, L. Emmons, S. Tilmes, K. Sudo, J. Flemming, J. E. Jonson, S. Gravel, H. Bian, Y. Davila, D. K. Henze, M. T. Lund, T. Kucsera, T. Takemura, and T. Keating

CASTNET observations: CASTNET US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Model code and software

Rubin_et_al_ACP2023 H. J. Rubin https://github. com/HJRubin/Rubin_et_al_ACP2023

CMAQ US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Short summary
We update the 2010 global deposition budget for nitrogen (N) and sulfur (S) with new regional wet deposition measurements, improving the ensemble results of 11 global chemistry transport models from HTAP II. Our study demonstrates that a global measurement–model fusion approach can substantially improve N and S deposition model estimates at a regional scale and represents a step forward toward the WMO goal of global fusion products for accurately mapping harmful air pollution.
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