Articles | Volume 23, issue 5
Measurement report
08 Mar 2023
Measurement report |  | 08 Mar 2023

Measurement report: Black carbon properties and concentrations in southern Sweden urban and rural air – the importance of long-range transport

Erik Ahlberg, Stina Ausmeel, Lovisa Nilsson, Mårten Spanne, Julija Pauraite, Jacob Klenø Nøjgaard, Michele Bertò, Henrik Skov, Pontus Roldin, Adam Kristensson, Erik Swietlicki, and Axel Eriksson

Data sets

ISSA figure data E. Ahlberg

Short summary
To investigate the properties and origin of black carbon particles in southern Sweden during late summer, we performed measurements both at a rural site and the nearby city of Malmö. We found that local traffic emissions of black carbon led to concentrations around twice as high as those at the rural site. Modeling show that these emissions are not clearly distinguishable at the rural site, unless meteorology was favourable, which shows the importance of long-range transport and processing.
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