Articles | Volume 23, issue 20
Research article
18 Oct 2023
Research article |  | 18 Oct 2023

Nighttime ozone in the lower boundary layer: insights from 3-year tower-based measurements in South China and regional air quality modeling

Guowen He, Cheng He, Haofan Wang, Xiao Lu, Chenglei Pei, Xiaonuan Qiu, Chenxi Liu, Yiming Wang, Nanxi Liu, Jinpu Zhang, Lei Lei, Yiming Liu, Haichao Wang, Tao Deng, Qi Fan, and Shaojia Fan

Data sets

OzoneSonde Government of Canada

A Harmonized Global Continental High-resolution Planetary Boundary Layer Height Dataset Covering 2017-2021 J. Guo, J. Zhang., and J. Shao

Short summary
We analyze nighttime ozone in the lower boundary layer (up to 500 m) from the 2017–2019 measurements at the Canton Tower and the WRF-CMAQ model. We identify a strong ability of the residual layer to store daytime ozone in the convective mixing layer, investigate the chemical and meteorological factors controlling nighttime ozone in the residual layer, and quantify the contribution of nighttime ozone in the residual layer to both the nighttime and the following day’s surface ozone air quality.
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