Articles | Volume 22, issue 8
Research article
27 Apr 2022
Research article |  | 27 Apr 2022

Observations and modelling of glyoxal in the tropical Atlantic marine boundary layer

Hannah Walker, Daniel Stone, Trevor Ingham, Sina Hackenberg, Danny Cryer, Shalini Punjabi, Katie Read, James Lee, Lisa Whalley, Dominick V. Spracklen, Lucy J. Carpenter, Steve R. Arnold, and Dwayne E. Heard

Data sets

Continuous Cape Verde Atmospheric Observatory Observations, NCAS British Atmospheric Data Centre National Centre for Atmospheric Science, L. J. Carpenter, J. R. Hopkins, A. C. Lewis, L. M. Neves, S. Moller, M. J. Pilling, K. A. Read, T. D. Young, and J. D. Lee

Model code and software

Dynamically Simple Model of Atmospheric Chemical Complexity B. Henderson

Short summary
Glyoxal is a ubiquitous reactive organic compound in the atmosphere, which may form organic aerosol and impact the atmosphere's oxidising capacity. There are limited measurements of glyoxal's abundance in the remote marine atmosphere. We made new measurements of glyoxal using a highly sensitive technique over two 4-week periods in the tropical Atlantic atmosphere. We show that daytime measurements are mostly consistent with our chemical understanding but a potential missing source at night.
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