Articles | Volume 22, issue 4
Research article
01 Mar 2022
Research article |  | 01 Mar 2022

An assessment of macrophysical and microphysical cloud properties driving radiative forcing of shallow trade-wind clouds

Anna E. Luebke, André Ehrlich, Michael Schäfer, Kevin Wolf, and Manfred Wendisch

Data sets

Broad- band solar and terrestrial, upward and downward irradiance mea- sured by BACARDI on HALO during the EUREC4 A. Ehrlich, K. Wolf, A. Luebke, M. Zoeger, and A. Giez

JOANNE: Joint dropsonde Observations of the Atmosphere in tropical North atlaNtic mesoscale Environments G. George, B. Stevens, S. Bony, R. Pincus, C. Fairall, H. Schulz, T. Kölling, Q. T. Kalen, M. Klingebiel, H. Konow, A. Lundry, M. Prange, and J. Radtke

Short summary
A combination of aircraft and satellite observations is used to show how the characteristics of tropical shallow clouds interact with incoming and outgoing energy. A complete depiction of these clouds is challenging to obtain, but such data are useful for understanding how models can correctly represent them. The amount of cloud is found to be the most important factor, while other cloud characteristics become increasingly impactful when more cloud is present.
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