Articles | Volume 22, issue 21
Research article
10 Nov 2022
Research article |  | 10 Nov 2022

Composition and mixing state of Arctic aerosol and cloud residual particles from long-term single-particle observations at Zeppelin Observatory, Svalbard

Kouji Adachi, Yutaka Tobo, Makoto Koike, Gabriel Freitas, Paul Zieger, and Radovan Krejci

Data sets

Individual aerosol particle data from Zeppelin Observatory Kouji Adachi

Short summary
Ambient aerosol and cloud residual particles in the fine mode were collected at Zeppelin Observatory in Svalbard and were analyzed using transmission electron microscopy. Fractions of mineral dust and sea salt particles increased in cloud residual samples collected at ambient temperatures below 0 °C. This study highlights the variety of aerosol and cloud residual particle compositions and mixing states that influence or are influenced by aerosol–cloud interactions in Arctic low-level clouds.
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