Articles | Volume 21, issue 10
Research article
26 May 2021
Research article |  | 26 May 2021

Analysis of secondary organic aerosol simulation bias in the Community Earth System Model (CESM2.1)

Yaman Liu, Xinyi Dong, Minghuai Wang, Louisa K. Emmons, Yawen Liu, Yuan Liang, Xiao Li, and Manish Shrivastava

Data sets

Observational data for DC3 DC3 Science Team

DISCOVER-AQ P-3B Aircraft in-situ Trace Gas Measurements NASA/LARC/SD/ASDC


ATom: Merged Atmospheric Chemistry, Trace Gases, and Aerosols S. C. Wofsy et al.

WP-3D Data CalNex Science Team

Tropospheric Chemistry: Measurements SENEX Science Team


Model code and software

CESM model code National Center for Atmospheric Research

Short summary
Secondary organic aerosol (SOA) is considered one of the most important uncertainties in climate modeling. We evaluate SOA performance in the Community Earth System Model version 2.1 (CESM2.1) configured with the Community Atmosphere Model version 6 with chemistry (CAM6-Chem) through a long-term simulation (1988–2019) with observations in the United States, which indicates monoterpene-formed SOA contributes most to the overestimation of SOA at the surface and underestimation in the upper air.
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