Articles | Volume 21, issue 17
Research article
06 Sep 2021
Research article |  | 06 Sep 2021

Methane (CH4) sources in Krakow, Poland: insights from isotope analysis

Malika Menoud, Carina van der Veen, Jaroslaw Necki, Jakub Bartyzel, Barbara Szénási, Mila Stanisavljević, Isabelle Pison, Philippe Bousquet, and Thomas Röckmann

Data sets

Methane isotopes in Krakow, Poland M. Menoud, C. van der Veen, J. Necki, J. Bartyzel, B. Szénási, M. Stanisavljević, I. Pison, P. Bousquet, and T. Röckmann

Short summary
Using measurements of methane isotopes in ambient air and a 3D atmospheric transport model, in Krakow, Poland, we mainly detected fossil-fuel-related sources, coming from coal mining in Silesia and from the use of natural gas in the city. Emission inventories report large emissions from coal mine activity in Silesia, which is in agreement with our measurements. However, methane sources in the urban area of Krakow related to the use of fossil fuels might be underestimated in the inventories.
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