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26 Mar 2020
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 26 Mar 2020

Deconvolution of boundary layer depth and aerosol constraints on cloud water path in subtropical stratocumulus decks

Anna Possner, Ryan Eastman, Frida Bender, and Franziska Glassmeier

Data sets

MODIS Atmosphere L3 Monthly Product (08_L3) S. Platnick, P. Hubanks, K. Meyer, and M. D. King

MERRA-2 inst3_3d_asm_Nv: 3d, 3-Hourly, Instantaneous, Model-Level, Assimilation, Assimilated Meteorological Fields V5.12.4 Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO)

CERES Level 3 SSF1deg-Day Aqua-MODIS HDF file – Edition 4A D. Doelling

Short summary
Cloud water content and the number of droplets inside clouds covary with boundary layer depth. This covariation may amplify the change in water content due to a change in droplet number inferred from long-term observations. Taking this into account shows that the change in water content for increased droplet number in observations and high-resolution simulations agrees in shallow boundary layers. Meanwhile, deep boundary layers are under-sampled in process-scale simulations and observations.
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