Articles | Volume 19, issue 6
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 19, 4127–4138, 2019

Special issue: Pan-Eurasian Experiment (PEEX)

Atmos. Chem. Phys., 19, 4127–4138, 2019

Research article 02 Apr 2019

Research article | 02 Apr 2019

Vertical profiles of sub-3 nm particles over the boreal forest

Katri Leino et al.

Data sets

Airborne measurements of aerosols, trace gases and meteorological variables on board a Cessna 172 aircraft (2015 and 2017): dataset Katri Leino, Janne Lampilahti, Pyry Poutanen, Riikka Väänänen, Antti Manninen, Stephany Buenrostro Mazon, Lubna Dada, Anna Franck, Daniela Wimmer, Pasi P. Aalto, Lauri Ahonen, Joonas Enroth, Juha Kangasluoma, Petri Keronen, Frans Korhonen, Heikki Laakso, Teemu Matilainen, Erkki Siivola, Hanna E. Manninen, Katrianne Lehtipalo, Veli-Matti Kerminen, Tuukka Petäjä, and Markku Kulmala


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Short summary
This study presents airborne observations of particles, starting from 1.5 nm in diameter, above the boreal forest from 100 m up to 2700 m. The aim was to study the extent of NPF and likely places for nucleation. We found that the highest concentrations of 1.5–3 nm particles were above the forest canopy top on NPF event mornings, and the concentration decreased with increasing altitude. This would indicate the importance of gaseous precursors from vegetation for NPF processes in this area.
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