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Research article
11 Jan 2018
Research article |  | 11 Jan 2018

Quantifying black carbon light absorption enhancement with a novel statistical approach

Cheng Wu, Dui Wu, and Jian Zhen Yu

Model code and software

Minimum R Square Method (MRS) C. Wu

Mie Scattering C. Wu

Aethalometer data processor C. Wu

Histbox C. Wu

Scatter Plot C. Wu

Short summary
This work presents a new approach, minimum R squared (MRS) method, to quantify black carbon aerosols light absorption enhancement factor, Eabs, from ambient measurements using an Aethalometer and field carbon analyzer. Application of MRS on 1 year of measurement is demonstrated. This study provides a potential alternative to explore the Eabs information using inexpensive instrumentation with wider temporal coverage.
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