Articles | Volume 18, issue 22
Research article
28 Nov 2018
Research article |  | 28 Nov 2018

Impacts on cloud radiative effects induced by coexisting aerosols converted from international shipping and maritime DMS emissions

Qinjian Jin, Benjamin S. Grandey, Daniel Rothenberg, Alexander Avramov, and Chien Wang

Model code and software

MARC - Model for Research of Aerosols and Climate A. Avramov, D. Rothenberg, Q. Jin, S. Garimella, B. Grandey, and C. Wang

Short summary
International shipping emissions (ISE) can influence the global radiation budget. Using an Earth system model, we derive a significant global cloud radiative effect (CRE) of ISE (−0.153 W m−2) when using current emissions. This CRE would become weaker (−0.001 W m−2) if a more stringent regulation were adopted. The CRE would achieve a significant enhancement when a lower DMS emission is prescribed. These findings suggest a reevaluation of the ISE-induced CRE with consideration of DMS variability.
Final-revised paper